About us

The Butterfly project is a project of the non-profit organization Pad Power. We want to offer a solution for the need for a safe feeling and comfort for women during their menstruation, so that they can actively participate in society: going to school, working out … The goal is to make affordable, locally made, washable sanitary pads available.

In February 2016, a pilot project was started in The Gambia in collaboration with, among others, Gamrupa/Young People Without Borders.

After 1.5 years of research and development, the washable sanitary pads could be tested on a slightly larger scale thanks to sponsoring.

By the end of 2017, 165 girls from 4 schools had received test packages. In return, feedback was given about the use. A young tailor was trained to pass on the knowledge and do quality control.

In 2018 more than 330 girls from various schools received initiation packages in exchange for extensive feedback on use. Check the report

We thank our sponsors for the trust:

  • Friends, family and sympathizers
  • Vzw Wij schilders
  • 11-fonds
  • Provincie West-Vlaanderen
  • Stad Gent
  • Torfs-fonds

We thank organizations for the good cooperation:

  • Gamrupa/Young People Without Borders
  • Vzw Rinoo
  • Banjul-Oostende city link
  • 4de-pijler (training courses, networking moments)

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Saskia, Carla, Femke

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